Windows: jpen-2.dll

  1. Download the source zip file and unpack it. You will have a new directory called jpen-2-150301.
  2. Download the wintab development kit and unpack it in a temp directory. Move the unpacked directories to the locations:

  3. Install the JDK (1.5.x) , and MinGW-5.1.3 (my installation has following components: runtime=mingw-runtime-3.11.tar.gz, w32api=w32api-3.8.tar.gz binutils=binutils-2.15.91-20040904-1.tar.gz, core=gcc-core-3.4.2-20040916-1.tar.gz, gpp=gcc-g++-3.4.2-20040916-1.tar.gz).
  4. Open a command window, go to your prepared jpen-2-150301\c\windows directory, and run:

    > c:\mingw\bin\gcc -Wall -c -mrtd -D_JNI_IMPLEMENTATION 
     -Ic:\javaSdk\include -Ic:\javaSdk\include\win32 *.c

    Replace c:\mingw and c:\javaSdk according to your environment (c:\mingw is the MinGW installation directory and c:\javaSdk is the jdk installation directory). Finally, run:

    > c:\mingw\bin\gcc -Wall -Wl,-kill-at -shared  
    -o jpen-2.dll *.o -Llib -lWintab32

    and you will get jpen-2.dll.

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